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1.the basic situation

①Historical Origins

In 2001,the Department of PE & Sports of Wuxi Light Industry University,the Department of PE & Sports of Jiangnan College,and the Department of Physical Education of Wuxi Institute of Education established the merger of three schools and established the Department of Physical Education,Jiangnan University.

In 2006,it was renamed Sports Institute

In 2011,high-level baseball majors began enrollment.

In 2012,it was renamed the Sports Department and there are 73 existing faculty members

In 2013,the high-level professional women's football team began enrollment.There are currently 23 high-level women football players in the school.

②main functions

Responsible for the organization and implementation of the whole campus physical education and sports activities, undertake the tasks of the school's public PE curriculum teaching, sports games and competitions, sports training, high-level team building, sports research and teacher-student physique monitoring.

The goal of the current stage - the construction of sports spirit:

It is guided by the spirit of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council’s"Opinions on Strengthening Juvenile Sports to Strengthen the Physical Fitness of Adolescents"and the"Notice on Further Improving Certain Opinions on Physical Education in Schools". Around the school development goals, Overall deployment in accordance with the spirit of Physical Education, we must be realistic, pragmatic, and innovative,and steadily promote the orderly development of all kinds of sports.We will vigorously promote the normalization of sportsmanship, vigorously create an atmosphere for education, and promote the vigorous development of mass sports. Taking the public physical education curriculum teaching and the construction of high-level sports teams as the starting point, strengthening the first classroom, advocating teaching innovation, integrating sports spirit, and continuously improving students' physical fitness level. Further strengthen the construction and management of high-level sports teams,improve training quality and sports performance,and expand social influence.In order to build the school sports public service system as the core, we should strengthen the construction of the sports department, strengthen the talent introduction and teachers' construction, innovate the management mechanism, create a harmonious and progressive cultural atmosphere, and effectively promote the construction of the harmonious sports department.

③Institution settings


The Sports Department currently has 73 staff members (including personnel agents) in its work, including 59 full-time teachers. Among the full-time teachers, there were 27 associate professors or above, accounting for 45.8%; 31 lecturers, accounting for 52.5%; and 1 assistant teacher, accounting for 1.7%. From an age point of view, there are 7 people aged 55 or over, accounting for 11.9%; there are 22 people aged 46-55, accounting for 37.3%; there are 28 people aged 36-45, accounting for 47.5%; and there are 2 People aged 35 or below, accounting for 3.4%. In addition, full-time teachers from the perspective of obtaining a degree, 1 doctoral, accounting for 1.7%;

28 master's degree, accounting for 47.5%; 29 bachelor's degree, accounting for 49.2%. From a political perspective, the total number of full-time teachers in the Communist Party of China is 26, accounting for 44.1%;the number of democratic parties and the masses is 33, accounting for 55.9%. It has basically become a faculty team with a reasonable degree, professional title, age, and academic structure.

2. Infrastructure

The school attaches great importance to the construction of sports facilities .In the overall construction of the new campus in Lihu lake, the construction of high starting and high standard sports facilities has been completed, Including a gymnasium that can accommodate 4,500 people and has an area of 12,700 square meters, a central sports field of 13000 seats, and the modernization of the outdoor swimming pool and a large number of basketball and volleyball, the tennis courts and rock climbing, orienteering and other sports facilities in the modern emerging psychological development training base. In 2013, the school invested 500 thousand yuan to build an extracurricular exercise intelligent management system, and invested 2 million 600 thousand yuan to build 26 plastic basketball courts and 8 volleyball plastic fields and re-laying western track field. In 2014, the construction of the indoor sports arena has been started.

3. Our Missions

①The teaching of Public Physical Education

Each year, it undertakes the teaching of undergraduate public sports courses of approximately 350 classes and 10,000 students in the school.It undertakes the national physical fitness test for 20,000 full-time undergraduate students in the school.The sports department has 65 teachers every year to participate in teaching, and annually completed about 25,000 teaching hours. In 2013, the implementation of public sports reform, combine sports teaching with the cultivation of sports spirit, adjust the curriculum design, change the first academic year into the basic physical education course, and third to fourth term as a sports special course. The evaluation of physical education restores the percentage system.

②The cultivation of sportsmanship

To play the educational function of university sports spirit, let the sports spirit infiltration in university campus, let the sports spirit service personnel training, Since September 2011, our school has been scientifically planning and elaborately designing, focusing on talent training, vigorously implementing the "sports spirit cultivation practice project".Sports spirit cultivation is the core content of university spirit molding and perfection,and it is a long-term measure for students' healthy body,strong will and perfect personality.After nearly 3 years of efforts,in accordance with the established policy of "pilot pilot,gradual promotion and comprehensive promotion", the pilot and promotion tasks have been successfully completed, and the "full coverage" and normalization have been realized in this semester.

The Ministry of Sports, as the vanguard of the implementation of the sports spiritual education project of our university,plays a particularly crucial role in the entire cultivation process,especially in the school-wide event organization, venue coordination,referee training,and the construction of the team of Sports Instructors.In order to cooperate with the school to carry out this work,we have done a lot of work,from system construction to mechanism innovation, from team management to infrastructure construction. For example, Start public sports reform, reform the competition, establish the college guidance, student referee training system, strengthen the infrastructure, and so on.